If you ever struck a chance visiting Thailand and are curious to find attractions that involve experience like never before- head directly to Phu Langka National Park. The park famous for the Naka caves which hold an important and integral part of Thailand mythology. Naka Cave is one of the newly discovered caves in Phu Langa National Park, Thailand. These caves are about 1 km long and 300 to 500m wide, with a total depth of approximately 50 meters. The rocks at the cave intricately resemble the skin of a giant snake and the rock formation is still shrouded in mystery. As per the legends, the locals believe that it was once a real giant snake that bared the repercussion of a curve. 

The giant snake rock in Naka Cave- What’s in the legend?

The Naka caves are home to numerous myths and legends owing especially due to the part of the cave that resembles a giant serpent. Certain stone slabs look ahead of a giant python followed by the scaly texture of the rocks behind that gives a picture-perfect look of a Snake’s coiling body.

Giant snake rock,Naka Cave

According to Buddhist lore, there was a mystical kingdom known as Rappata Nakhon located near the shore of Khong Long Lake. The king of the kingdom was Ue-Lue, who had a grandson named Fahoong. Prince Fahoong was a charming man- tall, handsome with deep blue eyes. Every person in the kingdom wants to be his friend while all the maidens dream to be his love interest. But despite the lingering attention he received, in reality, Fahoong was a lonely prince. Though he had all the riches of the world, he lacked a true love with whom he could share the sorrows and happiness of his life.

One day the prince was walking on the shores of Khong Long Lake, he heard the most melodious voice he had ever heard from the woods. It was a gentle song as if someone was crying out her heart deep inside the lush green jungle. The prince at once ran in the direction of the song but found no one there. The singing also stopped, as he turned around to return his eyes saw a flash of a red and green cape behind a tree. The prince ran towards it and once more found no one there. When he turned around and took a step forward, he saw that a snake has shed its skin. He picked up the skin and wrapped it around his hands. It wasn’t like the young man had never seen a snake’s skin before, yet this skin was different, beautiful, colorful, and strangely intoxicating.

When he returned to the palace, Fahoong shared the incident with his grandfather King Ue-Lue. The king was a wise man and thus asked the prince to follow his heart. Meanwhile, on the other side of the lake sat a beautiful girl named Nakkarintrani. Nakkarintrani was a Nagi, a serpent who can take human form.

She was crying continuously as she had seen the most handsome man with deep blue eyes but she knew that they could never be together. Despite being totally in love with him, Nakkarintrani knew that his family will never accept her love for a human.

She hailed from the underworld of Patala Loka, a place full of precious jewels that the god has tasked Lord of the Naka with looking after the riches. Nakkarintrani was the daughter of the Naka king. Over many centuries there existed a law that a Naka can never marry or love a human or the gods will get angry and take away all their riches. However, Nakkarintrani had a plan. She thought she would find the man again, confess her love and reveal her identity. After that, the duo can run off to a faraway place where no one knew who she really was. The princess was excited and thus took all her belongings and set out to search the man.

Giant snake rock,Naka Cave

One day she found Fahoong at the same place and he was as handsome as she first saw him. But much to her surprise Fahoong wasn’t an ordinary boy instead he was a Prince. Of course, her plan backfired and she was scared to reveal her identity. However, the same night she did revealed her identity as a Nagi. Fahoong didn’t mind as he was head over heels for the Naka princess. The duo continued meeting for a few more days until finally, one-day Fahoong proposed to marry Nakkarintrani. The princess was so excited that she immediately said yes.

Fahoong went back home talked to his grandfather and requested a meeting with the Lord of the Naga. King Ue Lue soon met King Naka and they both agreed on the marriage upon one condition, that no one must ever know the real identity of the princess or else he would burn down the whole kingdom to doom. Both the lovers were super happy with the decision and soon married in a royal 7 days long ceremony where both Rappata Nakhon and Patala Loka were drowned in the joy of celebrations.

But amid the celebrations were the cries of Khulan, a maid in the Royal Palace who had been secretly in love with Prince Fahoong. For years she kept hoping that one day maybe she could stand a chance of marrying the prince but with the arrival of Nakkarintrani, Khulan’s love was threatened. She was angry and hated the newlywed wife of Fahoong.

Just like that, three years passed but the princess had no heir for the kingdom. Nakkarintrani was a serpent and knew that a human and a snake could never produce a baby. The people of the kingdom grew displeased with her and called her by several names such as Khwām pĕn h̄mạn meaning sterile. The princess felt isolated and fell sick from depression. She refused to eat any food and spend most of her time in the bedroom. Her health was deteriorating and was growing pale day by day. Due to this, it was becoming even harder for her to remain in human form and thus she would secretly transform into a serpent when alone.

One day Khulan was assigned a task to bring something from the chamber of the princess, a task she especially hated. Khulan did not knock on the door and entered the chamber unalarmed. But she did not see Nakkarintrani in the bed instead of a giant serpent. She ran out screaming and yelling that the princess was a serpent. Her loud voice even reached the ear of Naga Lord who at once became furious with the betrayal. Without any thought, he stormed Rappata Nakhon at night and killed everyone on the premises. The Royal Palace was also fallen to ashes and King Ue Lue was cursed to be a giant serpent. Since then, the remains of the curse are echoing throughout the Naka caves where a giant snake-like rock rests.

What happened to Fahoong and Nakkarintrani? Many people believe that they survived the catastrophe and found shelter in a cave across the river. However, they died out of loneliness and hunger but held hands until the very end. Their love remained as strong as it was the day they first met.

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