One of the most interesting beings that ever-set foot on earth are indeed Humans. Humans could be found in almost every corner of the world, starting from Porsche cities to penetrating deep into the jungle, human footprints are everywhere. We have created a world on our terms, and we’ve been utilizing everybody for our greater good. Scientists believe that humans have left a permanent mark on the earth’s geological record. So, what would happen if someday every human on this planet suddenly disappeared? Lately, this idea keeps poking people due to the enormous covid 19 waves where millions perished within a year.

Though it is completely impossible for humanity to go extinct in an instant, perhaps just imagine if it could, what would be the results?

humans disappeared,humanity extinction

Some of the immediate reactions would be our own creations. Without people to run or maintain pumps that divert rainfall and rising groundwater, the subways of huge sprawling cities like Moscow and New York would flood within hours of our disappearance, most likely within 36 hours. A few hours later our oil refineries malfunction, which will produce month-long blazes at plants. Nuclear plants will go unchecked resulting in massive fire outbreaks, and a nuclear explosion followed by fallout. Not just this, the non-biodegradable stuff that we produced so far will not be treated and much plastic will persist for thousands of years. Some of it may remain till the very end of time.

By the end of the first week, most of the generators will shut down and the earth will go into utter darkness. The first month will be more catastrophic considering the amounts of power and nuclear plants we have across every border. Nuclear fallout will likely kill most of the biodiversity in those areas. However, after a month, the changes will be more gradual. Within a few years, the water running underground in many cities will corrode the metal structures that withhold the complete transportation systems. Once the metals go corrode, most of these structures will collapse into the dirt. During winters the water may freeze which may further crack the concrete foundations and within 200 winters many of our skyscrapers will fall. With sidewalks going unchecked, weeds and tree roots will contaminate these sites. This will open doors for biodiversity to thrive.

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Flooded tunnels will erode the cities where marine species would thrive, while the abandoned weed-torn bridges and structures will make a home for several insects and animals. These little grasslands will be converted into the forest in a couple of thousands of years. In urban areas, the abandoned houses will be taken care of by rodents, pests, and bugs. In less than 100 years, most of these houses will be rotten and sagged. Not just animals, but plants will also grow wild. With nothing to stop, the plants would take over every abandoned corner of the world where animals will follow unchecked. With our railroad connections like bridges and roads, many animals would be able to easily find new habitats and settle wherever they want.

humans disappeared,humanity extinction

Though many species may thrive after humans disappear, some will doom. Without our heating system, many species of cockroaches will freeze to death in just two winters. Most domesticated animals like pigs, dogs, cats, and others will too not survive without humans. But this doesn’t make us any special, as though these few might stand in our support, thousands of species would thrive without us. Birds’ population will grow which is today hindered through our cable towers, high tension wires and sonic waves.

Now if we talk about the enormous supply of CO2 in the atmosphere, it may take more than 65 thousand years or beyond for it to completely return to pre-human levels. Within 35 thousand years, the earth will degrade the last traces of lead. Thus, it makes us pretty much sure, that it may take if not millions but thousands of years to erase human existence. Even after millions of years of our disappearance humanity’s legacy will live in the deepest corners of the earth. Our lost cities will remain beneath the surface of the sea while our bronze sculptures will stay intact for over 10 million years. This suggests that though we may not live forever, our footprints may live till the end of time.

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