In a shocking incident, a woman named Nina Jane Patel (43) alleged that she was virtually gang-raped by 3-4 Male Avatars within 60 seconds of entering metaverse. Nina who is also a mother chronicled the entire incident on a Facebook post alleging that it transpired seconds after entering the virtual world.

“Within 60 seconds of joining, I was verbally and sexually harassed by 3-4 male avatars, with male voices, who essentially, but virtually, gang-raped my avatar and took photos,” she said.

With this, the male avatars photographed her and also took her pictures within insolent messages like “don’t pretend you didn’t like it”. This incident has raised critical questions about the new metaverse that is recently taking over the world, but with this, the incident also narrates the horrific mentality of men around the world that didn’t even spare the crime in technology as well!

A  Facebook spokesperson in response said, “We’re sorry to hear this happened. We want everyone in Horizon Venues to have a positive experience, and easily find the safety tools that can help in a situation like this – and help us investigate and take action.”


What exactly is metaverse and why is it becoming a hotspot for youth?

Facebook announced its new name as ‘Meta’ on October 28, 2021, introducing the world to the new concept of the ambitious metaverse. The first time Mark Zuckerberg introduced metaverse at Connect 2021 conference, many people argued it to be just another set of technology while others described it as an evolution in the age of technology or internet known as Web3 or Web 3.0. This way the concept of metaverse differentiates for everyone.

“We’ve gone from desktop to web to mobile; from text to photos to video. But this isn’t the end of the line, the next platform will be even more immersive—and embodied internet where you’re in the experience, not just looking at it. We call this the metaverse, and it will touch every product we build.” writes Zuckerberg in a recent letter to his employees.

To be certain, talking about metaverse feel like a discussion about the internet but back in the 1950s when the world never imagined technology at a click. It’s a new kind of internet that defies the back logistic belief of an average person because no one knows what the reality is after being introduced to the metaverse. The term metaverse itself is a very vague and complex term because not everyone is introduced to it yet.


To get a clear picture, the metaverse is a kind of technology that provides cyberspace or virtual space for people to interact face to face within a virtual reality. Simply, it’s a technology through which people of every corner can come together and meet in a virtual world. However, the meaning won’t substantially change yet the prefix meta is rather a very broad shift in how we interact with technology.

The technologies that can make up the metaverse includes sorely virtual reality which is a persistent virtual world that exists even when you’re not playing and augmented reality which is a combination of tools in digital and physical worlds. It doesn’t require that those spaces can only be accessed through VR or AR but they can also be used through laptops, game consoles, and even mobile phones. The game Pubg as well is a form of metaversal reality.

Additionally, it also translates to a digital economy where you can shop, buy and sell online using digital currencies. Amore interoperable version of metaverse will also allow a user to take virtual assets like clothes from one place to another- meaning that you can also gift these assets and use them according to your own wish. A user will be allowed with an avatar through which they can use virtual reality like physical reality.

In essence, through metaverse, the lines between the virtual world and reality have become blurred beyond recognition. It is a massively large experience synchronized perfectly with an unlimited number of users and real-time rendered 3D virtual worlds with multiple opportunities for next-level communication and digital lifestyle. But it also opens door to several circumstances such as the one reported above.

Therefore, digital safety in the metaverse should be addressed in a way that reduces risk, especially for vulnerable groups.

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