I am not 100% sure if ghosts exist!

What do you understand by paranormal? Is it about the ghost? Energies? Or just another technology glitch? Whatever it may be, it’s hard to define paranormal and harder to unveil it. Paranormal in easy words mean an occurrence of an event whose existence within context is described as beyond normal experience or scientific explanation. They aren’t any specific reasons behind such incidents. Many people believe that paranormal experiences occur because the place is haunted or a soul is haunted- even more, that an impure dead is creeping on! But what if we ask you- Do you believe in ghosts?

Let’s unfold paranormal and why do people really believe in the unknown?

The world is full of sinister evils, demons, and tormented souls. A lot of people even in the 21st century- an era of western ideologies, believe in ghosts. A recent survey said that almost 45% of the American population and 85% of Indian people believe in ghosts. Almost 18% of Americans and 52% UK’s population said they have seen ghosts and statistics are even higher if compared globally. Skeptics and believers both confess to the existence of the paranormal world. And astonishingly, there are countless paranormal tourism spots around the world. Around hundreds of them residing in per country. This belief is much larger in Asian countries where ghosts can be pleased and angered easily.

In a country like Japan where skepticism is on the rise, people do strongly believe in ghosts. You will be surprised to know that people in Taiwan celebrates a ‘Ghost month’!

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But why do they actually believe in ghosts in the first place? This belief either comes from personal encounters or is influenced by cultural and religious beliefs. Research also indicates that hearing or even reading about the paranormal from credible sources led people to believe in the existence of ghosts. It’s quite normal for people to assume that if there is something beyond any natural explanation, it must be paranormal.

Paranormal activities

Hallucinations on the other hand are too sometimes justified or misinterpreted as paranormal. This can be well explained by sleep paralysis or even schizophrenia. One example of this is our tendency to see faces in random images, a thing called pareidolia. Then infrasound and electromagnetic ranges in our environment can also influence the events of hearing unexpected sounds.

Contrary to these misunderstood factors, there lies another space where even the most skeptics are forced to believe in the existence of the unknown. Example of such incidents includes the deadly exorcism of Kennedy Ife in 2016, the death of Elisa Lam in 2013, and many more, where the real cause was dismissed or not explained. So, in such cases, nobody was able to find any natural cause and labeled the event as paranormal.

On the other hand, there are several incidents that were proved false like the Hydesville hauntings that were amplified by the sisters themselves, or Coventry University ghost that do have a scientific explanation or even the most famous Amityville- whose some parts were fabricated and exaggerated.

So the question remains, do ghosts really exist or not? One counterargument is that- it is already scientifically proven that our brains are hardwired to see ghosts, though the things we see tend to vary.

Gadgets and Ghosts

Gadget and ghosts means the devices that are used by paranormal activists to track down the spirits. In this process, multiple things go under process. For example, if a place is experiencing unexplained activities like a sudden shaking or slamming- that could be due to many possible environmental factors. Thus, in such situations instead of digging out the spirits, it’s always important to look out for all the environmental factors that can influence the event. They can use blink cameras which are specially designed to see ghosts.

Paranormal activities

A portable coffee machine is an extremely important tool for the hunters as they cannot fall asleep while on the chase. According to two of the world’s best paranormal investigators- Auerbach and Wilson both have investigated all three main areas of parapsychology. The extrasensory perception is also known as ESP, telekinesis also called mind-matter interaction and the survival of human consciousness after bodily death. Though these three arguments are still not scientifically explained.

Ghosts Myths

Just because paranormal activities aren’t explained- it doesn’t really mean that there isn’t any explanation. Be it this world or the world beyond us, humans have always sorted to give justification and explanation for everything! So one thing that needs to be considered is the paranormal facts that in reality are simply myths.

The first myth- ghost only comes out at night. Do ghosts have Heliophobia? People explain that a ghost hunt at night because it’s quieter and much easier for them to sneak in after business hours. And thus they can make the scene much creepier at night. The second is, they only haunt old buildings and houses? Why? Do ghosts fear property clashes? A destroyed ancient house with broken windows, creaky floorboards, and shady furniture may be the best-haunted house for Hollywood, but it’s not where ghosts necessarily hang out, right? Many well-furnished and happily going houses too encounter the cases with the unknown. The third myth includes- negative energies get attracted when you talk about them. This statement can be partially true for humans, but for ghosts? Not a good sentiment.

Thus, one can conclude that the paranormal is something that is beyond human explanation. Yet we have such peoples around the world who claim to be ghost hunters or paranormal activists. One can imagine that these guys have ninja techniques to just “boo!” away from the ghosts! When humans are there to explain and even rectify such situations why do we really say it’s beyond our reach? Now many people would argue that not all paranormal activities are sorted- so, not every scientific technology wins as well. Science and paranormal go side by side, one for this world and one for another world. So could it be like- what science is for this world maybe is paranormal for the other world?

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