‘The firefighters were literally scattered by the explosion wave’

A gigantic explosion has torn through a corner store in southwest Russia, causing a shockwave and harming in excess of twelve individuals, neighborhood authorities state. A few firemen are among those harmed.

The occurrence started at about 12:40 p.m. on Monday when crisis administrations were required a fire at a corner store along a bustling street in Volgograd. A fuel truck was at the station when the fire broke out.


The Ministry of Emergency Situations said 60 firemen and 19 vehicles reacted to the scene. Representatives at the station fled to a sheltered separation before both the station and the truck were annihilated in the explosion.

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“Having felt the impact wave I tumbled to the ground. Looking into, I saw the corner store burning and the flares rising,” one of the firemen said.


At any rate, 13 individuals were harmed, including a fireman who endured genuine consumes, 4 firemen who were tossed to the ground by the shockwave, and a few people who were passing the scene. The driver of the fuel truck was taken to the medical clinic in basic condition.

“The crisis administrations confronted a troublesome errand – to spare individuals, stifle the fire, and forestall ensuing explosions,” the service said. Firemen utilized a robot to arrive at certain pieces of the fire to abstain from putting firemen in danger.

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