Mumbai: Confluence India has been working for the past several years as a confluence in which every river of art is contained, making its name meaningful. Whether it is literature, films or photography. In this episode, this time, this internationally renowned organization brought online fashion competition in which entry came from all over the country. There was enthusiasm among the youth of the country.

Yes, two rounds of Mr. and Miss Natural India have been completed and the names reaching the third round have also been announced but we would like to explain to you in detail about Confluence India first. This organization, which came into existence only a few years ago, has been continuously working in the interest of the youth.

There have been many occasions when Confluence India brought young people from every corner of the country to a platform. Over the years Confluence India has organized open mic, film festival, photography competition etc. which was appreciated by the people.

In 2019, the organization recorded India’s name in dark letters on the world stage when the Confluence India International Film Festival saw films from more than 45 countries, which was the highest for the first ever film festival. Along with creating a global record, this organization also registered its name in the India Book of Records. After this, this organization has been continuously conducting open mic and different types of competition.

Talk about Mr. and Miss Natural India, the entries started coming from the very first day of launch and a total of more than 600 entries came in the first round from 17 states of the country and 114 of them were nominated for the second round. These entries were examined and tested by an entire team of juries, along with social choices were taken by social media and after that 24 people have been nominated for the third round which consists of 12 boys and 12 girls. Apart from this, there are 6-6 contestants who could not make it to the final round but they have been given special mentions by the jury. At the end of this article you will get to see the names of all these.

In this regard, when we spoke to Rahul Rajendra Khandalkar, Managing Director of Confluence India, he said that ‘we were expecting a good response but we did not think of such an unprecedented response. Corona has imprisoned all of us in our homes, so the dreams of boys and girls who were thinking about participating in different beauty contests this year were destroyed.

In such a situation, we thought that when the whole world is going on, then why did we also bring beauty contest in the market in a virtual way. Since we had not kept any fees for this, so were those who are financially weak or are upset due to corona and lockout.

One thing that I think it is important to mention is that generally, the contribution of the contestants from the states of North East is very less in this type of competition at the national level, but we are very happy to tell that in this whole competition 15 The% has been shared by the states of North-East. In the end, I would like to wish all 24 participants.

Confluence India

Yamini Sindhi (Delhi), Nikita Mehra (Odisha), Darshana Sailu Tanti (Assam), Jyotirmayi Mandal (Madhya Pradesh), Pournima Mahesh Panchal (Maharashtra), among the 12 contestants who qualified for the second round of Mr. and Miss Natural India and won different titles. ), Shervari Raut (Maharashtra), Barmali Deka (Maharashtra), Stuti Goyal (Delhi), Hiral Acharya (Maharashtra), Nisha Kiran (Delhi), Shivani Yadav (Uttar Pradesh) and Nikita Kala (Uttarakhand) include Pooja Chahare (Nashik), Neha Das (Guwahati), Sapna Vishwakarma (Guwahati) , Khushi (Bangalore), Divya Solanki (Bangalore) and Priyanka Thakkar (Mumbai) have been placed in the ‘Special Mention’ category by the jury.

In the 12 finalists of the mail category that successfully crossed the second round, Rahul Sutar (Maharashtra), Ansab Khan (Uttar Pradesh), Mohammad Ali Khan (Delhi), Ayush Singh (Haryana), Ankit Kumar Dwivedi (Uttar Pradesh), Gaurav Singh The names of Rawat (Uttarakhand), Sachin Saxena (Rajasthan), Shubham Bairagi (Uttar Pradesh), Vineet Tyagi (New Delhi), Aman Kapoor (Delhi), Himanshu Thakur (Delhi), and Anusesh Pandit (Delhi) are included. Along with this, Kamal Bhardwaj (Ghaziabad), Pankaj Kumar Mishra (Nashik), Ajinkya Tekale (Ambajogai), Joginder Goyat (Mumbai), Abhishek Sunil Jangalave (Pune) and Dheeraj (Delhi) among the boys in the special category category. ) Are included.

To make this competition a success, the entire team of Rupesh Khandalkar, Chetan Padole, Afzal Ashraf Kamal, Shivam Jha, Prakhar Pandey ‘Adil’ and Confluence India were working hard day and night. Your own media platform has been in the role of the media partner in this project.

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