Back in 2020, when Midnight Sun was first released- it was the most phenomenal moment for twi-hearts around the world! The thrilling new book by Stephenie Meyer was the much-awaited part of the Twilight series. Meyer recounts the events of the first book in her bestselling Twilight saga from the perspective of vampire Edward Cullen, something that the world was desperate to look at. For all the Twilight fans, visualizing what Edward felt for his beloved Bella was something to die for and Midnight Sun provided just that! This book was 12 years in making and became the best seller as soon as it set its foot in the market.

We’ve come up with a few reasons why Midnight Suns should go straight to your reading list!

The 658 pages long book covers the same time span as the Twilight novel. The twilight novel is written from the perspective of Isabella Swan, a clumsy high school girl who just shifted from shiny Arizona to the wetlands of Folks. First hitting shelves in 2005, the story follows the love between Isabella or ‘Just Bella’ with her undead boyfriend. The book launched a wave of supernatural romance, ushering in the era of global digital fandom that further went on to inspire several Television shows and the blockbuster movie series ‘Twilight’ starring Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.

Almost 12 years after the first Twilight Book, Meyer has released Midnight Sun, the fifth novel in the saga, Midnight Sun is a retelling of 2005’s Twilight. The book follows the perspective of Edward Cullen, sparkly-in-the-sunlight, strong, fierce vampire, and his unending affection for human girl Bella. It’s all about falling in love at high school and fighting with crazy evil vampires.

When I first started reading the first novel Twilight Saga, halfway through the book my entire thought was a wish to see the story from Edward’s point of view, what he thought about Bella and how he views the world around him. Years later when Midnight Sun was released, I couldn’t say it any slower- it was a story we deserved, or especially I deserved. In Twilight Saga the book focuses on Bella’s perspective of the Cullen clan, especially of Edwards, thus in much sense, the book failed to appreciate the minor characters of the novel that nonetheless played a valuable role. Through Midnight Sun this was finally resolved. As Edward has the ability to read the thoughts of his fellow people it provided us with more information about the Cullens and the students of their high school and what they thought about their relationship particularly.  

There was far more detail in the book than in the first four. We never get to know Folks from Bella’s perspective, but it was so much more from Edward’s perspective. Perhaps it was a nostalgic ride back to the world of vampires and werewolves who weren’t scared to lose life but instead has the ability to appreciate even the little things more.

Midnight sun

The best part of the novel was the first introduction between Bella and Edward. Because Edward already knew he was going to meet Bella made it even more beautiful and meaningful than the first one. Though they never hit the right chord at the first, their love was really mesmerizing and comforting for me as a young girl. The book manages to tell us the monotonous, never-ending torture of immortality that defines Edward’s existence but also his hope for love and acceptance. Edward finds his solace with Bella and decides to do whatever it takes to protect his lady love, even if it meant to leave her. Many may view this as a toxic love-hate relationship, but it wasn’t all about it anyways. The story has so much more to offer than just a human-vampire love tale.

Edward’s more than much mental math over trivial things makes his character more understood and likable. Bella somehow fails to gain the spotlight in Midnight Sun but as the book was already intended from Edward’s point of view, there isn’t much to complaint about. Midnight Sun might sound cheesy for some but that’s what we call individual perspective, and what is cheesy for one could be romantic for the other. Overall, the book is a must-read from our perspective!

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