What is success? To put it clearly success is a feeling that you feel when you reach your goal. Maybe success for one could be winning a race, while for others it could be monetary, but the common thing is that success refers to fulfilling a task that seems impossible in the beginning. But if we twist the question and put it forth like- who do you think are successful people? What would you answer? A quick guess would say Elon Musk! But why?

While successful people could mean several things for several people, they might share a few traits in common that make them succeed in life.

Following are the traits that successful people share in common

successful people


The first thing that successful people share in common is passion. If you want to reach your goal, you should be passionate about it. You should love what you’re doing and have faith in it. Passion could be highly energizing and comforting to push you through the comfort threshold and create opportunities never seen before. But passion could never be faked, it should come from your heart and not from pressure.


As it is said, failure is the key to success, every successful person has failed failures several times in their life. Just like anyone else, nobody is prone to failure but what makes them different than the rest is that they are persistent. It is not their failures that define them it’s their persistence that marks their success. Even when they are faced with huge setbacks, those who succeed push even hard to continue moving forward.


We all know that smart work is very important for success but more than that it’s your hard work that matters the most. If you keep working hard and continue to improve yourself, that directly means that you are a better version of yourself than you were yesterday. Successful people are never perfect, they just work hard to improve the qualities they have every day. Even if you have great confidence in what you do, you still need to identify your weaknesses and improve no matter what.


The art of success is creativity. Those who have originality in their thoughts tend to possess more successful traits than the rest. But creativity is not natural, it comes with self-growth and regular evaluation. If you keep questioning your work and include more uniqueness in your work, your work with flawless. Don’t always stick to the checklist you created for yourself, think out of the box and add the magic of your own.


A life of productivity works simultaneously with the art of doing one thing at a time. You might be surprised to know that multi-working is not at all productive, instead focusing on one thing at a time is a surprisingly powerful way of self-growth. Our brain is flooded with information like sights, sounds, words, thoughts, and more than you realize, this way when performing multi-task, your creativity diminishes and your work shows zero uniqueness- worst, it could show no productivity at all. Doing one thing at a time is a great way to make your work a masterpiece- in a way few, have ever done.


One of the important traits of successful people is they always strive for better. Without pushing yourself, you can never identify your limits and what you can do at large. If you want to identify how to achieve your goals, always strive for more and push to points of discomfort. Remember, if you push too hard you can always retract and ease off the pressure. But without that certain push, you can never know what you are capable of and what you can achieve.

successful people


Being number one doesn’t necessarily mean that you are successful, in fact, the more assured way of knowing that you are moving in the right direction or not is by measuring how much success means to other people. Serving others is not just a trait of success, instead, it makes you more humane and lets the other people know how important they are to you and how much you care about them. Having trustworthy people around will genuinely care for your goals and would do anything to help you with the things you want.

By cultivating the above skills, it might not promise success but it will definitely make you worthy of it. And as the famous dialogue says-

“Don’t run after success, run after excellence and success will come running to you!”

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