An airline that took off from New York City in 1955 and landed in Venezuela in 1985, or the Malaysia Airlines flight that is the latest mystery in the aviation puzzles- the world never fails to blow out some fascinatingly impressive stories. Though much of them are proven otherwise the rest remain in the speculations of its avid fanatics. A plane mystery is always a hot forum topic around the UFO and time-traveling crowd. Unlike many urban legends, many of the missing airlines are often located in the following years however, there remains a few that chose to be rather unfound.

Here are few of most famous plane mysteries that never fail to impress the mystery philophiles.  

Pan Am Flight 914

Being on the top of airline mysteries, the Pan Am Flight 914 disappeared for decades under the unknown circumstance.  Pan Am Flight 914 was a Douglas DC-4 with 57 passengers and six crew members that took off from a New York City airport and headed for Miami in the year 1955, as soon as the flight flew, it lost contact. Initially scheduled to land a couple of hours later in Miami, Florida, the plane actually never showed up. It went missing under unknown circumstances. However, the missing plane reappeared unharmed; the only difference was that the year was 1985! Almost 30 years after it took off!

plane mysteries

The pilot contacted the airport staff asking for permission to land; the confused and curious crew however permitted him. Concerned after landing, the pilot soon taxied toward the gate and once again took off even before the airport staff can come over to check! Though the pilot, for his part, did drop a small calendar out the window, the plane was never seen again.

One can assume that the plane traveled through a wormhole or whatever, theorist believes this story to be just a part of fiction. The news was first published in 1985 by the Weekly World News. The tabloid was famous for publishing fantastically fictitious stories without much evidence; in short, the firm wasn’t a reputable news source. It rather had capitalized on real-life fake news for viewership.

Flying Tiger Flight 739

During the Vietnam War in 1962, US army airline Flying Tiger Flight 739 disappeared under mysterious circumstances. The plane with 93 United States Army soldiers and 11 civilian crew members was on a secret mission when it went missing. People at the Standard Oil tanker reported having witnessed a luminous explosion in the sky, which they thought to be an airline explosion. However, no distress calls were received by the air traffic control centers nor the plane could be tracked down. More than 1300 people rigorously searched for the plane, though nothing was ever tracked down.

plane mysteries

No one knows for sure what happened to the plane and those on board. Though people do have their own theories. One of them is that the plane was accidentally shot down by the US army itself, and in order to cover up the incident, it was labeled as missing. Though, none of the theories have been proven yet. The circumstances under which the plane went missing are complete mystery to date.

Flight 19

This was perhaps one of the most mysterious stories of an airline missing because not one but six aircraft went missing together. Five Avenger torpedo bombers took off from their base Ft. Lauderdale for bombing practice. The planes flew over the Bermuda triangle and lost contact with each other. Though the ground station could still follow the conversations among the pilot, the planes soon went missing. A rescue mission was held immediately to locate the missing planes. However, another plane carrying 13 passengers also disappeared without a trace!

plane mysteries

Since the planes went missing, no traces or debris of the missing planes and passengers were ever found. To date, it’s a complete mystery.

Though the Bermuda triangle is well known for mysterious activities, the wreckage of many ships and airplanes reported missing in the region has not been recovered. Thus, it can be assumed that planes might have crashed inside the Bermuda triangle out of extreme weather conditions.

The Disappearance of Glenn Miller

Glenn Miller was one of the most famous Musicians and is recognized as the true innovator of the swing genre. The fame he had became even more widespread when he went missing on Dec. 15, 1944. He was an army major who had boarded UC-64A Norseman from England as a passenger. The plane was supposed to land in France but it never showed up. As the plane flew on a cold and foggy day, official documents stated that the airline might have crashed due to iced wings or engine jamming. Though the report wasn’t enough justifiable for his fans who ran into their own imaginations. Because the crashed debris of the plane or any other information about Miller was ever reported, the circumstances under which the airline got missing remain unconfirmed.

plane mysteries

Fan theories include that Miller indeed landed in France and died in a hospital out of cancer and days later the plane being crashed due to a mid-air explosion. However, none of such claims are factual.

EgyptAir Flight 990

The EgyptAir Flight 990 was one of the oddest airline crash incidents in aviation history. In 1999, an airline EgyptAir Boeing 767 departed from Los Angeles and crashed before reaching the destiny. All 217 passengers and the crew died in the crash. Though initially, the Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority claimed that the airline must have crashed due to mechanical failure, the United States National Transportation and Safety Board claimed otherwise. According to them the co-pilot of the plane committed suicide and killed all the passengers along with him as an act of revenge.

plane mysteries

The co-pilot named Gamil el-Batouty was charged with sexual misconduct and was facing charges in the court. He was told that he would not be allowed to fly US routes ever again. The EgyptAir Flight 990 was the last flight of Batouty and he deliberately crashed it to take revenge on the authorities.

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