Dubai is rapidly growing to be the world’s most important economy in terms of tourism. It is one of the most influential cities in UAE and has its spectacular integration into globalization with tourism at the forefront. Though UAE is a highly conservative country, Dubai is an exception. Though alcohol consumption is restricted in open public areas, they are allowed to serve in hotels, restaurants, and nightclubs with a license. The more it is becoming a successful region in the Emirates, the more the prostitution is likely to rise. The city has also opened itself to tourists who are wealthy enough to enjoy such activities.

In general, prostitution in UAE is illegal, to hire the services of an escort girl is as tough as it sounds. But despite the regulations, prostitution is widely spreading in Dubai with mainly the flesh trade being the top reason. Thousands of women are trafficked from China, the Philippines, and India each year into Dubai for prostitution. These women are considered of lesser value than their Central counterparts such as women from Russia, Ukraine, and the West. In Dubai, more than 45,000 women are trapped in prostitution.

Agony of women enslave in Dubai’s sex trade

Prostitution in Dubai

In a country where western women get a month in prison for a kiss on the cheek, where public intoxication prompts immediate arrest, and where adultery is an imprisonable offense, seeing a flourishing market of the flesh trade makes the crime even more criminal. In the United Arab Emirates, there are over 8 million work migrants, constituting over 95 percent of the country’s private workforce. They work for a very low wage in construction, or as servants. Most of these workers are victims of human trafficking or forced labor.

The European Parliament recently said, “many countries in the Middle East are not implementing the international standards to fight human trafficking. Countries such as Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Lebanon are the worst offenders. The most alarming development that we have witnessed is the trafficking of women for slavery.”

Dubai is one of the seven emirates where prostitution offers its services openly and despite the rigorous Sharia law, the city has become the center for prostitution and sex tourism in the Middle East. Most of the women are offered a respectable job in the UAE while still in their home countries to make a better future for themselves and lured to travel overseas for better employment opportunities, however, once they arrive- they are offered no jobs and forced to work as prostitutes. It is however unknown how many women are coerced in the industry and how many engage on their own will. The authorities also turned a blind eye providing that the illegal flesh trade is out of public eyes and benefits them economically.

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Many pimps and independent dealers manage to pass the authorities and bring women into the city on 30 days of tourist visas. Most of the prostitution takes place in nightclubs and bars. There are even brothels running in Dubai where pimps manage the safe flow of sexual services. According to reports, a brothel that was covered by the Vanity magazine was forced to close but was soon reopened in another area with another name, and the services continued.

Prostitution is a flourishing business all over the world and Dubai is no exception despite its rigorous rules and regulations. One of the most influential economies of UAE, the city has recently deported around 250 prostitutes back to their countries. However, a large part of the authorities still benefits from the flesh trade happening right under their nose. Not just this, many locals themselves are included in human trafficking who further helps in arrangements for placing trafficked women at the top hotels of the city. The women are also sold to the rich class for sexual slavery. These kinds of practices are not just hidden but also illegal according to their strict Sharia Law, however in the end money tends to sabotage morals.

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