Ardea Foundation is organizing its mega ecological movement ‘11 Days for Earth’s Healing’ beginning May 1, 2022, its 2nd milestone in a row.

Through the campaign 11 Days For Earth’s Healing’ ARDEA Foundation pursuits to attract the eye of world leaders and together take motion closer to environmental issues and begin making an investment in the well-being of all. Its pursuits to heal the earth and as a minimum sluggish down the devastating outcomes of climate change.

With this initiative, ARDEA Foundation aims for people from all walks of life to collectively take part in ecological activities and cohesively work towards the betterment. It proposes companies and workplaces convert at least one of their holidays in a month into a workday and in return bank 11 holidays into their every year calendar as a small part of their contribution towards earth’s healing. This way people can restrain themselves from generating carbon footprints for a minimum of 11 days in a row.

Additionally, people can take eleven days off or do work from home from May 1 to May 11 each year and spend time with their family, retouch old hobbies, as the foundation pursuits everyone to a common ground to protect the earth.

ARDEA Foundation is a brainchild of Zunaid Memon, who’s already well established and acknowledged for his substantial advertiser and marketing professional, a filmmaker, and the founding father of India’s first agriculture channel ‘Green TV’, now brings 11DEFH as part of his prolonged social entrepreneurship. And as much the cause is social, it’s far addition to private due to the fact Mr. Memon has been relentlessly contributing to slowing down the outcomes of climate change and 11DEFH is one step ahead in that direction.

Its venture is to convert the human surroundings by courting and repairing the misplaced bond between people and mother nature. ARDEA Foundation is deeply dedicated to constructing a sustainable future for all.

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