The weekend is here, and we are all set to relax and take a break from our hectic schedule of weekdays. While most people like spending their weekends with family, there are some left alone in Hostels and PGs. If you are one of them, don’t worry, we got you covered! Here are the top five Netflix shows you can binge-watch this weekend and say adios to boredom.

Yes, we know, finding a new TV show is always exciting but time-consuming. So many shows have several seasons, and long episodes, and are great to sink into but also take time to complete. Short shows are great for relaxing on the couch in front of the TV, especially when you are off for a day or two. Thus, here is the list of a few such shows with only one or two seasons to fit your bill!

These short Netflix shows are ideal for a lazy weekend

All Of Us Are Dead

“No one’s coming to save us.”

Netflix shows

Recently, streaming on Netflix ‘All of us are dead’ has the hottest streaming series on the platform. Thrown into the middle of a deadly and unique zombie apocalypse, this teenage short series is perfect for your weekend getaway! The South Korean series follows a Zombie outbreak and trapped students must escape their high school which has become ground zero for the virus outbreak. It’s not an average zombie movie but serves different effects and creative actions by a bunch of high school students and a growing new invincible variant of the virus.

With its tremendous cast and perplexing portrayal of a zombie called ‘halfbie’, the series is a must-watch. Though the first season wraps up quite satisfying, it also raises a few questions perhaps left for the second season to explore.


“You Are Bound For Hell.”

Netflix shows

This series is designed for especially those who are into genuinely puzzling mysteries, as the series raises some serious twists and mind-boggling cliff-hanger. The 2021 show is based in the future where the extra-terrestrial being called ‘Angels’ wreaks havoc on the citizens of South Korea. These terrifying boulder-like beings maim and kill people and take them to a place called hell. But things are not quite like what it seems, and a group of rebels is determined to uncover the truth. The short Netflix series is worth watching!


“The end is the beginning, and the beginning is the end”

Netflix shows

Germany’s perfect answer to Stranger Things comes in with Dark. Step into time in completely compelling and original places, this sci-fi noir is specially crafted for those who are into crazy timeline plots, bootstrap paradox, and time travel. The story unfolds several times conspiracies, disappearances, crazy estranged families that are bounded into endless generational relationships. Such a well-crafted plot is rarely seen, let alone excel, in time travel movies or shows. All the three seasons of Dark are filled with mysteries of time travel and its effect on human nature. It is a show that connects Dots beyond imagination, with its amazing cast and outstanding cinematography.


“If this is to work, we must appear madly in love.”

Netflix shows

If you are someone into light feel-good shows, Bridgerton is a perfect show for you. Imagine Jane Austin and Tennessee Williams on one plate, yes that’s Bridgerton for you. This period show is best known for its colorful costumes, magnificent set, and early 19th-century dating scenario. Riveting with poetic grandeur, the novel-inspired series explores London high society through its opulence. In just 8 episodes, the show pulls you in and explores honor, hardship, indignity, romance, unrequited love, false love, scandal, parent problems, marriage, women, expectation, upbringing, status, family, tradition, loss, sacrifice, loyalty, heartbreak, and above all, true love.

Sex Education

“Everyone has bodies, right? It’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

Netflix shows

Anchored by a young, assembled cast of high school teenagers, Sex Education is both educational and entertaining. The three seasons of the show navigate into teenage problems of sexuality, identity, and most importantly sex education. It tells us about the topics that are otherwise taboo in our society and educates us about how our body changes over time. Its wit and charm accurately capture the terrible privilege of this age group and their battle of growing up- the ups and downs and gains and losses of kids finding themselves in the mid of adults who very little understand their problems.

Overall, the show is a must-watch, as you might have something to take away as well as linger over time in your head.

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