Every one of us is unique in our ways and there are possibly no chances that one’s personality will match the other. As we all have different thought processes, skillsets, feelings, and opinions, our personality sums up in different ways. Thus, our individuality has a lot to say about what life brings to us- be it sorrows, success, joys, stress, and disappointment. However, some personality traits and qualities lead to better things in life, people carrying these qualities leave a positive impression on the people they meet. They are the ones said to have strong personalities.

Though genetics, upbringing, life experiences, and the environment plays a crucial role in shaping our persona, our own thoughts also create our personality.

What personality we carry for our life is often shaped during the early years of life but scientists have recently concluded that changing our personality over time is possible. This process might take a longer time than expected but, in the end, you have the power to change your personality. You can become the best version of yourself if you really wish for it, a version that reverberates confidence like never before. The personality that makes you stand out and help you find your own uniqueness.

What is that formula that can help one develop a personality like that?

Strong Personality

The very first step to overcoming a shallow personality is to believe in yourself and that you are incomparable. You should and must feel confident in your own skin and discovers what are your strengths and weaknesses. One of the most important things in this is to stop comparing yourself with other people. If you accept yourself wholeheartedly, only then can you expect others to accept you as well! The constants compare can block you from discovering your strengths.

As Shannon L. Alder once quoted, “One of the greatest regrets in life is being what others would want you to be, rather than being yourself.”

Be You

One rule that I believe can make you confident from the inside is believing that you are 100% unique. Never wish to be second to someone, always try to be first of your kind, albeit to say that never follow footsteps of others because this way you will never commit the mistakes that are important in shaping who you are. To discover your uniqueness, try to make a list of not just what you are good at but also what you love doing the most. Your uniqueness stems from love, even if you are good at something but you don’t enjoy doing it- chances are you’ll get bored of it one day. But if there’s a thing that you love doing even if you are not great at it- eventually you’ll find ways to master it! That’s how you’ll grow and develop things by yourself.

Self- Compassion

Studies have found that self-compassion ignites self-love and enhances traits like optimism, positiveness, extroversion, resilience, and wisdom. According to research, self-compassion involves three steps. The first is to recognize that you deserve care and concern like others and so you must be kind to yourself. Next, recognize that making mistakes is the building block of success, and failing is part of life. Thus, never indulge in self-critical thoughts. Lastly, be aware of your emotions, self-compassion does not mean discarding your mistakes, it means taking corrective actions.

Strong Personality

Imperfections Are Beautiful

Never run after perfection or let imperfection agitate you. Today’s race is so obsessed with perfection that we all forget about the beauty of imperfection.  You must admit that uniqueness never runs synonymous with perfection. When you are light on your mind, it will definitely reflect in your work. When you chase perfection, you follow the path of people whom you see as perfect but in reality, what might be perfect for you, isn’t perfect for others. So, never overthink and over-analyze or let negativity like anger and jealousy stay in you. 

Learn to let go. Yes, holding grudges not only affects your mental health it also takes a toll on your physical health. Forgiveness is magical and is a gift that not many people possess. Learn to forgive easily and drop grudges against people, this will also make you feel happy from within, and who does not like happy people?

Positive Attitude

Let me ask you a quick question? What do you feel about people with an attitude? For some, they may seem cool and many might try to impersonate them. But what if I ask you, do you like people with an attitude? Yea, this might change your answer. We all like people with whom it is much easier to mingle and talk. No one likes a person who responds with a straight face. So having a positive personality does not include faking overconfidence, it includes being warm, smiling more, being friendly, and being ready to share and help. Remember, that being compassionate, empathetic, and approachable is what makes you more likable and natural!

Pro tip– be like a proton because protons never lose their positivity!

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