Have you ever experienced a near-death incident? Were you traumatized? Accidents often leave us with unpleasant memories and trigger trauma. But what if someone has experienced seven near-death incidents that took the lives of all his fellow travelers? For many, Frano Selak is the unluckiest man in the world and people cancel reservations if they learn Selak is traveling along. Yet his incredible life story also makes him the luckiest man in the world, at least for himself.

Frano Selak claimed to have survived seven near-death incidents before finally winning a lottery!

Frano Selak is a Croatian music teacher known for his frequent brushes with death. He has experienced everything from a car accident to a plane crash and survived all of them. Born on 14th June 1929 in Croatia, Frane Selak’s unbelievable experiences with death first began in 1962 when he was 32 years old.

 Frano Selak

His battle with death started in the chilly winters of January 1962 when he was traveling by train from Sarajevo to Dubrovnik. Suddenly the train he was traveling in derailed from the track and crashed into an icy river. The incident took the lives of 17 people yet Selak survived with broken arms and hypothermia. This was just the beginning of the life-taking events he was going to be a part of in near future. Frano at that time had no idea that surviving a train accident wasn’t the only near-death incident that he would survive.

The next year in 1963, Selak’s mother suddenly got ill and he had to travel all the way from Zagreb to Rijeka. He rushed to the airport and begged the staff to urgently provide him with a seat. It was his first airplane ride and all the seats were already booked. However, due to Selak’s persistence, authorities managed him a seat beside flight attendants. Midway in the air, both the engines of the plane stopped working and the pressure inside the cabin dropped with resulted in blowing the door. Frano was blown out in the air without a parachute while the plane crashed killing 19 people onboard. As per Frano, he landed safely on a haystack with minor injuries! Now that’s what we call absolute luck!

With such grave incidents, Frano’s battle with death didn’t stop. Three years later after the plane crash, Selak was traveling in a bus that skidded off the road and fell into a river beneath. Four passengers drowned while Frano swam to shore with a few cuts and bruises. Since then he completely lost his faith in public transport and all these rides proved to be his last rides with all those means. Fed up with frequent accidents, he then traveled mostly with his car, unfortunately, that didn’t work out either.

In 1970, while traveling in his car, the engine suddenly caught fire and Frano was able to jump out of it just in time while his car was blown to pieces in front of his eyes. Three years later, in another incident, the fuel pump of his car broke and the engine caught fire. While Selak’s hairs were fried, he survived again with no injuries. In 1995, he again survived a truck accident with minor injuries.

 Frano Selak

As if this wasn’t enough, in 1996, to avoid a head-on collision with a United Nations truck on a mountain curve he squashed into a quadrail and his car fell 300 ft. down. Frano survived clinging to a tree branch as he watched his car smashing into the mountains. Eventually, his friends became hesitant to get in a vehicle with him and his peers canceled their reservations if Selak was traveling along. Nevertheless, Frano remained optimistic and thanked God for everything he has been through.

But as we say ‘luck comes in unexpected ways, his life took a turn on his 72nd birthday, when he won a lottery for a whopping amount of $1,110,000! With this money he bought two new houses and a boat. Later, he distributed most of his possessions among his relatives and settled to live a peaceful life. He died at the age of 86 and with him- his unbelievable quest of death also ended. 

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