Going back to the moment that completely changed Peter Parker’s life in ‘Far From Home’ (2019), ‘No Way Home’ reveals how it’s not just Parker’s fate that has been altered in fact his friends and loved ones suffered the same plight. As he approaches Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) to change things back to the way they were, Peter gets a lot more than he actually bargained for. And this is where the main plot of the movie begins.

‘No Way home’ made Holland’s Spider, the spiderman we all know.

The post Endgame era has just begun and we all have to admit that it left us all wondering whether Marvel can bring back any phenomenal movie as now most of the original cast have parted ways. Though there was hope through new superheroes’ entry into the OTT space and Marvel’s introduction of Shang Chi and Eternals, people still felt the lack of spark we all needed. But with Spider-Man No Way Home, Marvel achieved the same magic all over again.

Spider-Man No Way Home is the best and main movie of the Spiderman trilogy. The movie showed a lot of growth and maturity for Tom Holland’s spiderman as it brings back the same neighbor-friendly spidey we all know. The movie bought back the core values of the spidey where he makes sacrifices for the greater good. Because now he knows “with great powers, comes great responsibilities”. Tom Holland started living alone paying rent, making his own suit, went to college all the while saving the world. Technically, the spidey we were first introduced in 2002 by Tobey Maguire, returned in the form of Holland.

Spider-Man No Way Home

Not exaggerating but we almost cried and cheered the entire time watching the film. It’s a roller coaster ride of emotions beginning with fun, action, love, tragedy, and ending with sacrifice. No Way Home is different than the last two movies, as they never really let Holland fight proper villains all by himself. But this one established him as Spiderman by fighting the most deadliest and evil villains of the spiderman universe. The surprise appearances were amazing, tremendous and had everyone under the room gasping and applauding.  It is a must-watch movie in a cinema for a great effect, the visuals and humor within were just amazing between all characters.

Not intended to give any spoilers, the movie is a must-watch in my opinion!  Green Goblin and Doc Ock from Tobey’s universe are in this movie and seeing them really does bring back memories from my childhood. Willem Dafoe is phenomenal & Alfred Molina was great. I think this crossover is a new milestone for entire movie history.

Benedict Cumberbatch is back as Doctor Strange and opposite to everyone’s expectations of him being a mentor for Holland, his character is more of letting Holland believe that he is strong enough to make his own decisions now and stay firm by that. Classic villains Doc Oc, Electro, Lizard, Sandman played their roles exceptionally well and Willen Dafoe’s Green Goblin once again proved that he is the evilest villain of the spiderman universe.

And yes, if in this world of social media you encounter spoilers and plan to not see the movie as you already are aware of the story, trust me that would be a mistake. According to me, Spiderman No Way Home is a movie that needs to be watched despite knowing the story, because, in all sense, it will bring back all your childhood memories and leave you with tears of reminiscence!  This movie is not perfect, but the screenplay is amazing, it really boggles my mind how the writers took such a huge concept and present it without wasting a single second.

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