Are dating apps important or just a waste of time? For years people have argued about the use of dating applications and why they are important. While some people believe them to be a crucial tool to conveniently meet and connect with people, others just believe it to be a total waste of time. So much so, that by now dating apps have accidentally turned into a ‘sex’ app.

Amid all this, a 33 years old woman from Tampa, Florida, created a dating application similar to Tinder and Bumble but with a twist! Her dating app is solely dedicated to people who either abstain from sex or believe in sex after marriage. The inspiration came to her following ‘a calling from God’, as she likes to say it.

A lot of people don’t like having sex, and it’s entirely normal!

Shakia Seabrook, an abstinent woman from the United States named her application “The Sexless Tribe.” Asexuality is completely normal and natural but is also very prejudiced and judged. People usually consider asexuality as a lack of sexual attraction yet in reality it’s far more than that!

The no-sex dating app by Seabrook is rooted in the Christian concept of abstinence that believes in people having sex after marriage. Seabrook became abstinent when she was just 13 years old and believes her app is more than just a dating application. Shakia says that it’s an opportunity for people to come together and connect with one another.

Initially, Seabrook didn’t believe that abstinence was her calling but eventually she decided to pursue it after “a calling from the god”. The Sexless Tribe website says, ‘makes it easy for sexually abstinent people to access abstinence resources, find accountability partners, form friendships, and make romantic connections.’

Shakia Seabrook

She initially started with printing T-shirts but realized that it wasn’t enough to bring together the community. She came across a person who had recently created an app and realized that it’s exactly what she wants, home or personal space for people to connect. She created ‘The Sexless Tribe’ in September 2020. But initially never received any subscribers. It was because she had created a community space where people can create their profile and not a resource tool for people.

Thus, in the beginning of 2021, Seabrook created the resource part of the website for abstinence-based material and since then it’s been growing. Today the application has around 8,000 subscribers. She hosts events every month via Zoom and also provides a late-night check-in just to hold them accountable. Every day, the users receive encouraging quotes to practice abstinence. The application also has videos, songs and podcasts on Abstinence.

Currently, the application is in beta mode. Shakia Seabrook says that it’s now just a ‘Christian’ app in fact a space for everyone to come and participate regardless of their beliefs. 

Yes her app is unique in every way but also very important. The world is full of people of different believes and having access to connect with them is in itself phenomenal.

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