If we consider a question- How did the worlds come to be? This one question in itself puzzles our basic understanding of time. We know about the big bang theory and how the earth came into existence but what happened previously the earth was ever formed? Since when does time actually start and how can we locate the exact grey area of that origin. These questions get more entangled when we include the possibility of multi-verse into it. Thanks to Christopher Nolan and Stan Lee that the world actually came to question such ideas about our reality.

What is the Theory of Multi-verse?

According to scientists, Multi-verse is a hypothetical collection of potentially diverse observable universes, each of which would comprise everything that is experimentally accessible by a connected community of observers. This multi-verse allows the opportunity to look past our virtual reality and see how the universe is managing to move in parallel lines.

Multi-verse and parallel universes are often explained in the context of major scientific concepts like the Big Bang, string theory, and quantum physics.

The concept of the multi-verse arises in a few areas of physics and philosophy, but the most crucial example comes from the inflation theory. In physics, cosmic inflation is a theory of the expected expansion of the universe in its initial years. The inflationary period lasted from 10⁻³⁶ seconds after the conjectured Big Bang singularity to 10⁻³³ and 10⁻³² seconds after the singularity. In easy words, it’s an incredibly brief amount of time in which the expansion of the universe into multiple universes happened.


Scientists believe that inflation happened almost 14 billion years ago, however, it’s also important to understand that inflation does not happen everywhere and at the same time. Thus, it’s quite reasonable to predict that cosmic inflation might be happening somewhere in our expanded distant universes that we are unaware of and as the inflation ends it creates a new bubble universe. Infinite possibilities of universes in our time end up creating the theory of multi-verse. The inflation theory was introduced almost 35 years ago and so invites tons of critics as well.

“Inflationary cosmology, as we currently understand it, cannot be evaluated using the scientific method.” According to the critics, who discards the theory to be even scientific!

The biggest factor in believing inflation is that life exists, especially those who understand the inflation theory. And if there’s only one universe then probably it shouldn’t have life on it. But in a multi-verse, there are infinite chances of life to appear apart from our world. We all know that our universe is incredibly huge, in the last decade; we have learned that every star in the galaxy has its planets and our galaxy alone contains 400 billion stars. So, if the concept of multiple galaxies is true then the concept of multi-verse could also be true.

Multi-verse in Nature

Though science fiction loves the idea of parallel universes, in reality, it’s nothing more than just a theory. According to the theory, a multi-verse is a collection of potentially diverse universes that move parallel to one other. If you are an MCU fanatic, the multi-verse theory should prominently be understandable, but the ideas in accord with the scientific aspect are quite different.

The bubble universes created by the inflation theory cannot contact each other because it indefinitely continues to expand. If we somehow manage to reach the end of one bubble, we might come across the next bubble universe, but the universe makes this practically impossible because the edge will constantly pull us apart faster than the speed of light itself. And we all know that in this universe one cannot travel faster than the speed of light. And hypothetically, even if we manage to reach the next bubble universe, our initial condition of the cosmos and the habitable conditions could be totally different.


According to theoretical physicist Alexander Vilenkin of Tufts University in Massachusetts, the only reason why intelligent observers exist in few bubble universes by pure chance is because the constants happen to be right for life to evolve and the rest of the universes remain barren. And these bubble universes can never intersect with one another. And thus we cannot ever know how many versions of us exist in our reality.

Few scientists base their theory of multi-verse on quantum physics. In quantum physics, the word multiple refers to the possibility of the existence of tiny particles at the same time. However, we observe only one possible outcome, and that outcome when collapsed becomes our reality. Similarly in the idea of multiple universes, the different outcomes can make a different reality. This is called branching arrangement, in which instant by instant, our perceived universe branches into near-infinite alternatives. 

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Every possibility of the creation of a multi-verse makes our universe a mere accident. There are a number of problems in physics and astronomy that can only be solved if we believe in the theory of multi-verse. One such problem is that whenever a quantum particle changes its state, there’s nothing in our laws of physics that directs it to change its state in that particular way. But if there’s a multi-verse every possible way can be ruled out.

Thus, whether we believe in a multi-verse highly depends upon the unsolved questions about our virtual reality.

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