You all must have seen thousands of images circulating on social media suggesting what a depressing face may look like. But what exactly is the reality?? Do you know cameras were built to capture moments of happiness and maybe that’s why whenever it’s a click people say- ‘SMILE’! Let me just ask you a quick question- how many of you click pictures in a depressing face? Not many, right? And how many times do you smile in front of the camera to click a picture? Almost every time!

Literally, nobody likes to click a picture with a crying face, even if they are depressed, they’ll always flaunt a smile in front of the camera. And that’s the major reason that you won’t find a sad image of a depressed person. So you see it’s quite simple to understand that pictures don’t define depression. According to me, a fake smile is actually a more severe kind of depression, why? Because people usually cry alone and smile with others. And if you say that a crying face is a real depression, then you probably haven’t seen a person with a forced smile. So here, you need to do your reality check and ask yourself why you haven’t seen depressed people like usual? Pictures don’t define your emotional status!

Now jump to what exactly is Depression?

Do you know, 88% of women just don’t like themselves? Yes, aging, body weight, height, hair, skin, and almost everything leads most women to think of themselves as not pretty or good enough! Being a woman it’s really complicated!

When you are in your 20’s- you worry about acne, when in 30’s you were about body shape, and after that aging- it’s just ongoing forever. And this is what basically leads to depression in women. But what about men, children, or the elderly?

That’s the fear of perfection!

People today are running after perfection like crazy! They just want success. And I think that’s where the problem lies. Perfection is nothing but a hoax, it’s an illusion set by our lust and greed. We worry about success so much that we often forget to see the reality. And the reality is exactly the opposite of what people term ‘failure’. For me failure doesn’t exist, for me, it’s either the win situation or a learning situation- there isn’t anything like a failure. And that’s what I want people to understand.

Many of us don’t know that our obsession with perfection is damaging our strength, sometimes it is good not to be “all perfect,” it is okay to be just capable of doing something “good,” something productive, it is not at all necessary to always be perfect. One thing we should always remind ourselves is that it is not required to be at the top always! Sometimes you need to sit back and relax a bit.

But this problem is so severe that there’s hardly a day passes by without news of suicide. For every suicide death, there are 25 suicide attempts. And just like this, there are several statistics that show us the hard reality of where humanity stands.  Living in permanent numbness, in black-and-white, beyond sadness and pain seems kind of easy when we talk about it but is actually a hell to live in. Thinking that things will never get better, that life is hopeless and pointless? Being drained of all energy to think, dream or live, just managing to survive moment to moment? If you are nodding yes to them then remember you are not alone.

We all have been through this phase of life, but what defines us aren’t the struggles we have faced but how we fought them. Remember you are not what you think of yourself at the moment. You are way beyond that! You are incredible!

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