Solo Adventure is worthwhile if you are travelling to India because it is a destination, which is open for its contingent colors of lifestyle and unbelievable journey. Meanwhile travelling solo is just all you need. You can figure a serious reason for yourself immorality and high worthy priority.

Enjoy the beauty of rejuvenating monuments, tantalizing mountains and thirst satisfying valleys; you would prefer to wild and impossibly yourself to fall in love with the place. India is a country of diverse culture and at the same time it consists variety of traditions. In this article I’m going to take you through quick & easy suggestions “HOW TO TRAVEL INDIA – “ALONE”. But before you make plans for your vacations below mentioned are some tips and points, you should keep in mind while travelling India alone. Read below to know more : 

1.Create a To-Do- List :

So are you done with your backpack? But first wait and prepare a full plan of everything you are going to do after coming to India. Please make a list of your preferences of site-seeing, places and their well-known food tradition, along-side every activity you want to do after visiting.

2. Always book your Hotel in Advance :

While you are all set to travel and you are travelling alone in that case always make pre-booking of the hotel you are going to stay, or the cheapest way is to look out for a hostel according to your convenience, this is the best way to avoid any hussel and will not end you up roaming or searching for a shelter here & there to stay after landing.

3. Decided destination, but first research : 

One should not doubt that India is a very, very huge country; so make sure that you are coming with well researched strategy, about the historical background of the places before you are picking up any of the destination you wish to explore first.

4. Be easy with your luggage :

I would recommend that while you are travelling overseas, don’t take heavy luggage with you, be choosy with your backpack and try to keep it easy pick as much as possible. Generally it is recommended that not taking a lot of things with yourself, makes it easy for you to wander anywhere you wish too without any worry. Secondly, when it comes to India, I’m telling you do not take many things with you because, man! I can bet that you are definitely going to do a huge basket collection of exciting things available here, as it has huge variety in everything from its culture to tradition. 

5. Pick an emergency contact : 

Make sure you share all your contact and travel details with the concerned person you trust and he/she is very dear to you. So that in any emergency they can contact you whenever it is required. Always make sure first, that they are trustworthy.

6. Not original but copies are must : 

Before you leave for any outdoor place, make sure to check, that you have copies of your passport and visa. In case if you are travelling from one state to another, keep tickets with you to avoid any trouble. 

7. Be careful of offering : 

It is highly recommended that you should be careful of offerings given to you, you may face this situation many times here, where people offer things to drink or eat, don’t be harsh on anyone, just try to avoid it politeness. Be calm and show a friendly tone and say direct no.

8. Don’t carry expensive belonging with you :

For India or any other country, I would suggest you to never carry too expensive belongings with you, or just always make sure to keep all your cash or jewellery, or any other expensive stuff in safe, if not provided by the hotel, then ask for one if needed, instead of taking them every time you go for an outing. 

9. Be confident :

While travelling alone, there is one thing you should always carry is your – Confidence. Be confident and calm while going to a new place. Don’t hesitate of asking any help. Your confidence will help you explore healthily and securely. 

10. Don’t reveal your details : 

Always think twice before sharing your details or information with anyone at any place. Keep this in your mind always, that sharing your personal details might end you up in risk, therefore always be highly careful. I mean it’s not only India you can use this information for where ever you go, you should be aware if you are travelling solo. 

11. Prepare yourself for worst situations : 

While travelling solo, in your journey there can be a situation that you might face trouble, forget path or any inconvenience, don’t get panic instead of that try to take help from women, girl’s, families near you or older adults and always be aware of not asking youngsters or boys. For an instance some might misguide you. It always better to ask any female for the security of your own.  

12. Try to make a few friends :  

Making new friends, is quite tough but yes it is always a fun thing to befriend and accompany good people. Make some good friend who can help you explore the place and breif you details of the culture of that place even in a better way. Try to communicate with them frequently or as much as you can to know more precisely about their lifestyle. Which will help you create some good memories. But make sure you don’t get over-friendly with strangers.

13. Try to learn some local words : 

If you are travelling India for the first time, I would suggest that you must try learning some quick local words or easy phrases like “NAMASTE” because usage of such words will easily connect you with the locals of that place. Also it will add up more fun to your solo journey. Learning or memorising local phrases will also help you overcome the communication barrier situation and a little fun to your trip, it is always better to know the language of the country before visiting there. 

14. Don’t hesitate in taking suggestions : 

In case if you have anyone arond who has already been to the country then my dear friend it is always good take a suggestion from them. It is perfect to know about the country or the place before visiting than suffering later.

15. Make contact with Indian women : 

Multiple Indian women are quite friendly and connecting with them can help you know detailed Indian tradition and its diverse culture. Therefore travel as much as you can In India and get connected too. 

Travelling India alone will give you the best experience with safety if you follow the tips mentioned above. It is effective to be well prepared before going anywhere, even if you are stepping out for the market. Enjoy your journey while travelling in India solo. Before you land in a new country, make yourself prepared with everything well planned and make sure all your bookings are made in advance to have a hassle-free journey and create some good lifetime memories. I hope this article was helpful to you in any manner. Thank you for ready. Feel free to comment on your views in the below-given comment box and for further queries contact us on our social media website.

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